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Li Keqiang: create a batch of "China made 2025" demonstration area

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Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council chaired a State Council executive meeting on May 17 to further reduce service charges and logistics energy costs related to enterprises and help enterprises reduce their burdens; deploy pilot demonstrations to promote the in-depth implementation of "Made in China 2025" and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.
In accordance with the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Government Work Report, and centering on promoting structural reform on the supply side, stimulating market vitality and social creativity, the meeting decided to introduce a number of new fee-cutting measures on the basis of implementing the enterprise-related burden reduction policy already promulgated in the early stage. First, reduce the logistics cost of enterprises. The electricity repayment price of electrified railways collected by power grid companies from railway transport enterprises shall be cancelled, and the freight rate of railway goods shall be floated equally. The annual inspection and annual examination of freight vehicles shall be consolidated according to law so as to reduce the burden of inspection and testing expenses. Cancellation of the two level highway toll from the four provinces (autonomous regions) of Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. We should intensify the implementation of the green channel policy for fresh agricultural products. Two, we should promote the reform of the transmission and distribution tariff of the provincial power grid, and reasonably reduce the price of transmission and distribution. Expand the scale of direct trading between power generation companies and users. Adjusting the price structure can reduce the power consumption burden of enterprises by canceling the special funds for structural adjustment of industrial enterprises, lowering the levy standards of the major water conservancy construction funds and the late-stage support funds for resettlement of large and medium-sized reservoirs, and appropriately lowering the electricity price for desulfurization and denitrification. Measures such as lowering the price of pipeline transportation, clearing up and dealing with arbitrary charges should be taken to reduce the price of natural gas transmission and distribution in the province. The three is to reduce service charges. The administrative examination and approval departments shall pay their own technical services by themselves. Abolish unreasonable charges of trade associations, and reduce high fees for reserved items. Standardizing financial institutions' charging behavior, deepening the reform of commercial vehicle insurance and lightening the premium burden of enterprises. The implementation of these measures will reduce the burden on enterprises by about 120 billion yuan in one year. The meeting demanded that all kinds of arbitrary charges should be typical, resolutely exposed and heavy punching. In order to fully promote the public announcement system of enterprises involved in fees and charges, local governments at all levels should publish the list of charges related to enterprises abroad within the year.
The meeting pointed out that "Made in China 2025" is an important grasp to promote the old and new kinetic energy conversion and the economy towards high-end, the implementation of two years has achieved remarkable results. The next step is to implement "made in China 2025" in depth. We need to deepen structural reforms in the supply side, take the market as the guide, take enterprises as the main body, strengthen innovation driven and policy incentives, take the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of attack, and combine closely with "Internet +" and mass entrepreneurship and innovation, so as to create courage to reform, innovate and achieve results. The emerging and leading "demonstration matrix" will promote the whole manufacturing industry to upgrade to intelligent, green and service-oriented, and accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power. First, we must attack the key and the strong foundation. Taking high-end equipment, short plate equipment and intelligent equipment as the breakthrough point, we should firmly tackle key technical problems, speed up the breakthrough of bottlenecks such as sensors, industrial software and industrial control systems, concentrate on supporting innovative development in key areas and upgrading the engineering and industrialization of equipment urgently needed for traditional industrial transformation, and start R&D and implementation of new materials. Applying major projects to continuously improve basic research, development, application and system integration capabilities. Second, we should speed up the construction of an industrial Internet cloud platform and an open Internet-based "two-way" platform, actively support the financing development of large and medium-sized enterprises, the organic integration of services and manufacturing, encourage cross-border cooperation among manufacturing, telecommunications, software and other enterprises, and develop networked collaborative R&D and manufacturing, mass customization and service-oriented. Manufacturing and other new models. Three, we must do a good job in pilot projects. The pilot demonstration cities (clusters) and smart manufacturing demonstration zones of "Made in China 2025" should be constructed according to local conditions, and a number of "Made in China 2025" demonstration zones should be established according to preference. The pilot projects should be supported in policy and institutional innovation, and the innovative atmosphere and industrial clusters of smart manufacturing should be formed to create new growth zones. Four, we must improve the quality of products and services. Promote entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, cultivate customer quality, promote advanced quality management methods, establish a quality manufacturing standards system. Docking diversified consumption upgrade needs, increase varieties, improve quality, create brand. Fifth, we must optimize the development environment. We should deepen decentralization and decentralization, and optimize service reform. We should improve market supervision and strengthen intellectual property protection. We should improve the income distribution mechanism such as technology stock participation and equity incentive, so as to better mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel. By integrating various special funds of the central government to increase the intensity of guaranteed discount, establishing a credit risk compensation mechanism where conditions permit, and guiding social capital investment, a resultant force is formed to promote the upgrading of manufacturing industry. Six, we need to expand openness and international cooperation to achieve complementary development and win-win development.