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The national development and Reform Commission has issued opinions on innovation and improvement of the price mechanism for prom

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In order to study and carry out Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization, conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Congress of Ecological Environment Protection, help to fight a tough battle against pollution and promote green development and ecological civilization, the State Development and Reform Commission recently issued the Opinions on Innovating and Improving the Price Mechanism for Promoting Green Development (the following brief) It is called "opinion".
The Opinion stresses that the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the CPC should be fully implemented and guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, so as to speed up the establishment and perfection of a resource and environment price machine that can fully reflect the market supply and demand, the degree of scarcity of resources, the ecological value and the We should improve the price policy conducive to green development, bring the cost of ecological environment into the cost of economic operation, leverage more social capital into the field of ecological environment protection, promote resource conservation, ecological environment protection and pollution prevention and control, and promote the formation of the spatial pattern of green development, industrial structure, mode of production and lifestyle. We will continue to meet the growing needs of the beautiful environment of the masses.
According to the Opinion, by 2020, a price mechanism and a price policy system will be basically formed to facilitate green development, and the role of promoting resource conservation and internalization of ecological and environmental costs will be significantly enhanced. By 2025, the price mechanism that meets the requirements of green development will be more perfect and implemented in all aspects of society.
"Opinions" focus on sewage treatment, garbage disposal, water saving, energy conservation and environmental protection four aspects: First, improve the sewage treatment fee policy, establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism of urban sewage treatment fees, enterprise sewage discharge differential fee mechanism, and sewage treatment standards in coordination with the fee mechanism, improve the urban sewage treatment service fee market. The formation mechanism of farming, gradually realize the basic coverage of urban sewage treatment fees service costs, explore the establishment of sewage treatment farmers pay system. Secondly, we should improve the solid waste treatment fee mechanism, establish and improve the urban domestic waste treatment fee mechanism, improve the hazardous waste treatment fee mechanism, comprehensively establish a solid waste treatment fee mechanism covering the cost and reasonable profit, improve the urban domestic waste classification and reduction incentive mechanism, and speed up the establishment of a mechanism conducive to promoting waste. The incentive and restraint mechanism of waste classification and reduction, resource-based and harmless treatment is explored to establish a rural waste treatment fee system. Thirdly, we should establish a price mechanism conducive to water conservation, deepen the comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices, improve the price formation mechanism of urban water supply, comprehensively implement the system of excessive quota progressive price increase for urban non-resident water use, establish a price policy conducive to the utilization of recycled water, ensure the sound operation of water supply projects and facilities, and promote water conservation and reduction. Drainage and sustainable utilization of water resources. Fourthly, we should improve the electricity price mechanism to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, improve the differential electricity price policy, peak-valley electricity price formation mechanism and electricity support policies in some environmental protection industries, give full play to the leverage role of electricity price, promote energy conservation, emission reduction and elimination of backwardness in high-energy-consuming industries, guide the optimal allocation of power resources, and promote industrial structure and energy consumption. Source structure optimization and upgrading and related environmental protection industry development. At the same time, we encourage all localities to actively explore various green price policies such as the price formation mechanism of ecological products.
"Opinions" pointed out that innovation and improvement of the price mechanism to promote green development is an important task of price work at present and in the future. Price authorities around the country should strengthen the implementation of policies, strengthen Department cooperation, hold the bottom line of people's livelihood, pay attention to publicity and guidance, widely rally consensus and jointly promote the construction of a beautiful China.