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The State Council issued the three year plan of action to win the blue sky.

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Beijing, July 3, Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) - Premier Li Keqiang signed and approved the State Council recently issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense War" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), which clarifies the overall thinking, basic objectives, main tasks and safeguard measures for the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, and puts forward a timetable for winning the Blue Sky Defense War. And the road map.
The Plan of Action pointed out that under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council should conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the requirements of the National Congress on Ecological and Environmental Protection, adhere to the new concept of development, adhere to the principle of common governance by the whole people, prevention and control at the source, and treat both the root and root causes, with Beijing, Tianjin Regions such as the district and the Fenwei Plain, with emphasis on the prevention and control of air pollution, continue to carry out air pollution prevention and control operations, make comprehensive use of economic, legal, technological and necessary administrative means, make overall plans and give consideration to, systematically and accurately implement measures, resolutely win the blue sky defense war, and achieve win-win environmental, economic and social benefits.
The Plan of Action proposed that after three years of efforts, the total emission of major air pollutants should be significantly reduced, the greenhouse gas emissions should be coordinated, the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM) should be further significantly reduced, the number of days of heavy pollution should be significantly reduced, the air quality of the environment should be improved, and people's happiness in the blue sky should be enhanced. By 2020, the total emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides have decreased by more than 15% compared with 2015, the concentrations of PM in cities below the standard level have decreased by more than 18% compared with 2015, the ratio of good days of air quality in cities above the ground level has reached 80%, and the ratio of days of severe and above pollution has decreased by more than 25% compared with 2015.
The plan of action puts forward six tasks and measures, and defines quantitative indicators and completion time limits. First, we should adjust and optimize the industrial structure and promote the green development of the industry. We should optimize industrial distribution, strictly control the production capacity of the "two high" industries, strengthen the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" enterprises, deepen industrial pollution control, and vigorously cultivate green environmental protection industries. Two, we should speed up the adjustment of the energy structure and build a clean, low-carbon and efficient energy system. Effectively promote clean heating in northern areas, key areas continue to implement the total amount of coal consumption control, carry out comprehensive renovation of coal-fired boilers, improve energy efficiency, and accelerate the development of clean energy and new energy sources. Three, we should actively adjust the transport structure and develop a green transport system. Railway freight ratio will be greatly increased, vehicle and ship structure upgraded, oil quality upgraded, and mobile source pollution prevention and control strengthened. Four, we should optimize the adjustment of land use structure and promote non-point source pollution control. The wind-proof and sand-fixing afforestation project will be implemented to promote the comprehensive improvement of open-pit mines, strengthen the comprehensive control of dust emission, and strengthen the comprehensive utilization of straw and ammonia emission control. The five is to carry out major special actions to reduce pollutant emissions. We will carry out key regional campaigns in autumn and winter to tackle the key problems of diesel truck pollution control, launch special campaigns for industrial furnaces and kilns, and implement special control of volatile organic compounds. Six is to strengthen regional joint defense joint control, effective against heavy pollution weather. Establish and improve regional air pollution prevention and control cooperation mechanism, strengthen the heavy pollution weather emergency linkage, tamp emergency emission reduction measures.
The action plan calls for speeding up the improvement of relevant policies to provide effective protection for air pollution control. We should improve the standard system of laws and regulations, broaden investment and financing channels, and increase economic policy support. We will improve the network of environmental monitoring and monitoring, strengthen the support of scientific and technological foundations, intensify environmental law enforcement and conduct in-depth environmental protection supervision. Strengthen organizational leadership, clearly implement the responsibilities of all parties, strictly assess accountability, strengthen environmental information disclosure, and build a pattern of national action.